E L E C T R O N I C   V E R M I N   D E T E R R E N T   S Y S T E M S


For milleniums, humans have been at war with nature - using indiscriminate and often inhumane traps and baits in an effort to control the ingress of vermin into our lives and avoid the spiralling costs associated with vermin-related damage.

We have tacitly accepted the impacts of these vermin control methods on native fauna as well as the biological hazards that using these methods pose to us, our children, pets and the environment.

Vermin (dead or alive) and the damage they cause are rarely an asset to any home or business but have you ever considered the fact that traces of the toxic baits left out to control vermin may also be tracked throughout your property - including onto food preparation surfaces and the places your children play?

There is no doubt that native fauna like the Antechinus, marsupial mouse, native gecko etc. can be equally as destructive as other vermin, so the answer to an effective vermin control method lies in deterring, rather than the indiscriminate destruction of all invasive species.

EVD is an Australian designed and manufactured, patented Electronic Vermin Deterrent system that offers an environmentally friendly and effective solution for the control of vermin and invasive native fauna.  EVD utilises a high voltage, low energy electrical barrier and can be installed either as a full perimeter or opening protection system for your property.  Since all of our components operate on a 12 volt DC supply, an EVD system can be powered from mains, battery or solar according to your requirements, making EVD systems equally suitable for use in urban or remote areas.

The low energy output of EVD’s specially designed system energiser, which is the heart of our system, has been developed to deliver an effective deterrent to vermin and native fauna.  The output of your EVD system is not perminently-injurious to humans and domestic pets and is similar to a that which you may have experienced due to exposure to a static electrical discharge.

The maths of mouse breeding. (ABC Splash link)

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