E L E C T R O N I C   V E R M I N   D E T E R R E N T   S Y S T E M S


  • All components of your EVD system are custom designed and manufactured to ensure reliable and effective performance of your system. 
    Our control units, like our track and accessories, are designed and manufactured in Australia and designed to compliment each other both functionally and aesthetically.


  • The heart of every EVD System, the EVD 100  is designed and made in Australia
  • EVD energisers are purpose designed specifically to deter vermin .
  • EVD energisers  are  non-fatal to native marsupial wildlife  and pets, .
  • The high energy pulse delivered by the EVD 100 energiser utilises unique output characteristics which differentiate it from conventional stock, fencing or pet energisers, which are not suitable for use with your EVD system.
  • EVD energisers are designed to operate with the regulated 12volt DC power supplysupplied with your system.
LED Control Module


  • Designed and assembled in Australia
  • Incorporates a photo-sensitive switch for  fully automated control of the LED lighting component of your EVD system.
  • Resistant to electrical arcing typical of  many budget photo-sensitive switches and to false triggering due to lightning
  • Interfaces between your  EVD power supply and EVD 100 Energiser for smoothe, reliable power delivery to your energiser
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Power Supply


  • High Quality unit
  • Certified to AS/NZS60950.1:2011 including A1 & AS/NZS 3112:2011 including A1-2 App and IEC 60950-1, Ed. 2.0 (2005), MOD
  • INPUT  100 - 240VAC 1.6 A 50/60Hz  OUTPUT 12VDC  6A
  • Single Power Supply will power Energiser, LED Control Module plus up to 4 x 1m LED Strips
  • Suitable for INDOOR USE ONLY.