E L E C T R O N I C   V E R M I N   D E T E R R E N T   S Y S T E M S



EVD - as easy as 1, 2,  3

1.  Inspect your site.
  • Vermin can gain access to your property through even the smallest opening (any opening larger than 6mm  x 6mm is a potential entry point).
  •  Vermin are also accomplished climbers and can scale vertical surfaces such as brick and render relatively easily.
  •  The powerlines running to your home or any overhanging vegetation such as trees, vines or shrubs also provide vermin with easy access to your premises via the roof.
  • Remember to check the clearances under doors - clearances larger than 6mm are also potential entry points.  Remember also that vermin such as rats and mice can easily chew through untreated timber, plasterboard, plastic or rubber, so conventional draft excluders or seals are unlikely to provide permanent protection.
  • Take note of the location of power sources that could be utilised to power your EVD system.
2.  Choose your system type and measure up.
  • If the only access points to your property are easily identifiable (such as via doors or under-door clearances), an EVD opening protection system may be all that you require.
    An EVD opening protection system does not use or require
    our integrated LED lighting system and uses an energised strip placed under the opening- the opening protection system will effectively deter vermin for clearances up to 20mm.
  • Should you identify multiple entry points, such as weep holes in brickwork, joints or have a roller door fitted to your property, an EVD full perimeter protection system will be required.  Full perimeter protection systems utilise a controlled integrated LED lighting system and are normally mounted on the floor, within 35mm of walls.
  • EVD track is low profile and is designed to be predominantly self-cleaning.  The track is also designed such that it can sustain normal access traffic from pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Click here for a guide to measuring up your EVD System.
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3.  Order and install your system.
  • Once you have measured up, email us with a dimensioned diagram of your installation.  If you have measured up as per our guide to measuring up - we will do the rest.
  • We will email you with a detailed, obligation-free quotation, listing the quantities and length of track and all accessories required to complete your installation.
  • Read through our detailed installation instructions here and decide if you want to install your system yourself or have it installed by your preferred tradesman.

Did you know that EVD systems can also be installed on walls?

Contact us here for details regarding  custom installations, back up and support services.